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Do you know CHIPA?

Chipa is a traditional cheese bread hailing from South America. Its roots trace back to the Guaraní people, who inhabited present-day Paraguay, northern Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay. They crafted bread using cassava flour (tapioca) and animal fat, cooking it over open coals. In the 15th century, Spanish settlers brought animals and cheese-making techniques. Jesuit Missions blended Guaraní traditions with Spanish knowledge, giving birth to a rich culinary fusion we now know as Chipa (Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay), Pão De Queijo (Brazil), or Cuñapé (Bolivia). The recipe underwent slight modifications in different countries, becoming a beloved snack across the Americas, Spain, and worldwide. And here's the best part: it's naturally gluten-free! Who can resist the allure of cheese⁉️🧀
How to cook Chipa? 1. Preheat the oven 200° (180° for Pandebonos). 2. Place the Chipa frozen on a baking tray 3 centimeters apart. You can use a baking paper for better result. 3. Place the tray on a medium high level in the oven and bake for 15 minutes (18 minutes for the vegan and Pandebonos) Until they're softly golden. 4. Enjoy!

Chipa family

New Zealand will love chipa as much as we do 💛
We are a passionate Argentine family deeply in love with the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand. Several years ago, we embarked on a journey to make this beautiful land our home. Our hearts beat for the culinary arts, and we've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Out of this love for cooking and a desire to bring the flavors of South America to Aotearoa, Chipa NZ was born. Our dream is simple: to introduce a unique texture and taste to the Kiwi food scene, hoping that Chipa will become as cherished here as it is across the Americas and beyond. This delectable cheese snack holds a special place in the hearts of South Americans, both gastronomically and culturally. To honor this heritage, we meticulously craft each Chipa using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Our kitchen adheres to the strictest food safety standards, ensuring the utmost quality and taste in every bite. We take pride in creating gourmet snacks free from artificial preservatives, colors, or aromas. And, in our commitment to sustainability, all our packaging is either compostable or recyclable. So, as you enjoy our Chipa, you're savoring not just a snack but a piece of our passion and dedication to quality.

Shipping Info

Useful information about delivery and resends
You can purchase your items online and pick them up at our place or ship them directly to your doorstep. Shipping is overnight as we want to deliver our products fast and in optimum conditions. We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your orders get to you on time. However, some times couriers can delay on special circumstances, such as weather conditions, block roads, etc. Nevertheless, we use Planet Protector ecological woolpacks and ice packs to keep the temperature during delivery and we pasteurize eggs to avoid food contamination. Woolpack has been proven to keep contents below 5°C for well over 24 hours and between 2°C and 8°C for 72 hours and beyond. Therefore, you can buy our products with confidence. We will resend frozen products where orders were delivered beyond 56 hours from shipping pick-up.

Where to find us?

These are the retail stores where you can find your favorite GF cheese snack.
WELLINGTON CBD: 📍Wellington Harbourside Market: Sundays Market next to Te Papa Museum. 📍Karori Farmers Market: Saturdays market on the corner of Campbell Street and Karori Road. 📍Moore Wilson's: Corner of Tory Street & College Street. Te Aro. 📍Aurora Argentinian Bakery: 44 Manners St. 📍New World Karori: 236 Karori Road, Karori. HUTT VALLEY: 📍Mariana's Kitchen 2 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt, 5010. Little Theatre and Hutt Library. @marianaskitchen_ has 🧀 Warm chipa, too. PORIRUA: 📍Moore Wilson's: Kenepuru Drive, Porirua, 5022. MASTERTON: 📍Moore Wilson's: Dixon Street, Masterton, 5810. MARTINBOROUGH: 📍 Martinborough Four Square: The Square, Martinborough 5741. HAMILTON: 📍 La Cave - Your European shop: 51 A Riverlea Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216. ​ INVERGARGILL: 📍Kankis NZ: 156 Tay Street AUCKLAND: 📍Pachamama Latino Store: 179A Archers Rd. (0629) Auckland, 📍Latino Foods. Online supermarket and Carnaval Latino.


The chipa goes with almost everything!

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